Aluminium Isolation Hoops - 50cm
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Product Description

Yes, the polished aluminium tubing isolation hoop is a great option for hoopers looking to create amazing isolations and perform mime. The aluminium construction makes the hoop lightweight and durable, while the polished finish gives it a sleek and shiny look. The tubing material allows for smooth and fluid movement, making it easier to create precise and controlled isolations. Additionally, the aluminum material is also resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes it a great option for hoopers who want to use their hoop in any weather conditions and for a long period of time.

Although these hoops are polished to a high level, there may be the occasional blemish.

Hoop Diameter: 50cm (19.7")

Tube Diameter:1.3cm (1/2")

Isolation hoop weighs 180g

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