aroundsquare Modern Standard Belgeri - Aluminum Splash - (Pink and Blue)

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Aroundsquare's "Standards" begleri series is our homage to the ubiquitous “standard issue” Greek barrel shaped begleri. This series is a contemporary adaptation of the original timeless design, with a slightly refined shape, precision machined and polished to perfection. They feature the same 1:1 aspect ratio favoured by most players, and a compact form factor that is small enough to slip easily past the string instead of binding, and sufficiently rounded for comfortable play. The right angles in the design provide excellent bead control without compromising on nimbleness.

The Modern Standard sets is sized at 16mm tall by 16mm wide, giving them the same overall size as two of our Hydra beads stacked together. The Modern Standard ship in a lightweight configuration, which is perfect for comfortable, casual play. The aluminum splash Modern Standards feature a beautiful multi-colour splash anodizing. Each bead is unique and striking. The finish is reasonably robust, but will mark, scratch, and ding up over time, which is the nature of the beast with all begleri, and particularly with aluminum beads.


Aluminum Modern Standard beads: 5g each

Aluminum Newton Core: 2.7g each

Total weight: 7.7g per end, or around 16.5g total set weight with cord Set includes: canvas carry bag, intro card, extra cord, and stickers (varying according to availability

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