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Aroundsquare's Titan begleri first launched in 2016 and immediately set a new standard for modern begleri. These beads were Aroundsquare's first big solo release, and they remain a favourite of many players around the world. The design was highly innovative at the time of their first release, and proved extremely influential. They feature a "gumdrop" shape, with a domed top for smooth play and comfort, and a straight, knurled barrel for superior control. They are precision machined from grade five titanium, and are extremely durable. These original size Titans pack a significant heft, which provides excellent momentum and stability during play. The updated 2021 model features a 4mm top bore to easily accommodate 550 paracord.


Size: 19x19mm with knurling

~16.5g per bead

4mm top bore

Available in natural (machine finish); shinobi (black PVD); sunset (multicolour fade PVD); blue (anodized);

Precision machined from gr5 titanium

Please note that items included in the package (strings, stickers, bags etc.) vary in colour and quantity depending on availability, and may not be exactly as shown in the photos.

Please note that all begleri, if used as intended, will get scratched and dinged up over time due to drops, and frequent clacking together. This is natural, and many players prize these "hand blasted" finishes as a visual record of many months of use. The PVD coated finishes are the most robust colour finishes available and do not flake or chip, but will show scratches. Anodized coatings are thinner and less durable, but still reasonably robust due to the hardness of titanium. Scratches and dings tend to show less on the tumbled and blasted finishes.

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