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This Astrojax CD-ROM is the perfect start for those new to Astrojax. Learn some basic moves and techniques from pro players! The CD is broken into five different categories of play styles. Build on what you can learn and then create your own style! The CD-ROM begins with the basics, and gradually moves into intermediate tricks, followed by a handful of semi-advanced tricks. Choose from three different soundtracks to listen to while viewing! Study each and every move! Take advantage of this CD-ROM’s capability to be viewed in slow motion, frame-by-frame, still-pause, and even in reverse. This is a great way to dissect moves and learn rapidly. Many players keep this CD-ROM handy for reference to tricks. Finally, watch “Showtime” as Pro AJ Players cut loose with an amazing display of talent and different styles!

Minimal computer system requirements:
OPERATING SYSTEM: Win 98, 2000, NT, XP Mac OS 8.6/X
CPU: Pentium III G3
Memory: 64MB free
CD-Rom Speed: 8x

Note: This is a CD-ROM. It will not play in a DVD player. QuickTime is required to view this CD-ROM. Although it is included on the CD-ROM, we recommend downloading a current version of QuickTime player. QuickTime is free and can be downloaded online!

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