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These blank face card decks are a highly coveted tool for any card manipulator or magician. Constructed using the same premium quality stock as the standard bicycle rider backs, these decks are the perfect secret weapon to add to any performer's arsenal.

What sets these decks apart is their unique design, featuring a printed back graphic on one side and a blank face on the other. This allows magicians to execute an endless variety of tricks and illusions, using their skill and creativity to bring their performances to life. With 52 identical cards in each deck, performers have the flexibility to customize their routines and create unforgettable moments of magic.

For card magicians, blank face decks are an essential tool for sleight of hand, allowing for smooth and seamless transitions between tricks. And for those who specialize in mentalism, these decks provide a blank canvas for seemingly impossible feats of mind-reading and prediction.

In addition to their practical benefits, these blank face card decks are also a beautiful work of art. The intricate design on the back of each card is visually stunning, making them a joy to handle and display. And with the blank face on the other side, these decks offer an added layer of mystery and intrigue to any performance.

Overall, these blank face card decks are an essential tool for any magic fan. With their high-quality construction, innovative design, and endless possibilities, these decks are sure to impress and amaze audiences time and time again. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner, these decks are a must-have for any magician looking to take their performances to the next level.

Each deck contains 52 identical cards.

Essential deck for all magic fans.

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