Bicycle Emoji Playing Card Deck
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Product Description

The graphic designer Randy Butterfield lends his artistic skills to the Emoji playing card for the USPCC (United States Playing Card Company). Bicycle decks are well regarded worlwide for their premium card-stock and air-cushioned finish. This makes tricks, manipulation and shuffling an absolute joy. With the Emoji deck, Bicycle have upped the fun stakes considerably. Kooky, text-speak inspired graphics give the deck a silly, light-hearted look but the quality of the deck remains the same. Provided in a special Emoji tuck box.

Bicycle's special Emoji deck is perfect for cardistry enthusiasts and collectors alike. With its unique and playful design featuring popular emojis, this deck is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. The signature air-cushion finish that all Bicycle cards have, makes shuffling and card tricks incredibly smooth and fast, allowing for more impressive displays of skill. This deck is made to the high standards that Bicycle is known for, ensuring durability and consistent performance. Whether you're practicing your cardistry moves or just playing a game of cards with friends, the Emoji deck is sure to impress.

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