British Juggling Convention 2007
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BJC 2007

see the highlights - relive the memories watch the shows - revel in the glory

Best of the British Juggling Convention in Nottingham

Step inside and have a look at the 2007 British Juggling Convention in Nottingham.

This year the convention was packed with surprises: extreme young juggling talent, WJF stars from around the world, monkeys of every shape and size, balloons, comedians and more juggling than you can shake a devilstick at.

It may be the British, but this year’s cast of characters includes world renown jugglers from the earth’s four corners: WJF and IJA champion from Taiwan, diaboloist, William Wei-Lang Lin; trans-national kick-up wonderboy, Luke Wilson; WJF champions and supporters from America, Jason Garfield, Vova Galchenko and Wes Peden; Fatboy Slim’s favourite Hula Hooper, Angie; Britian’s rising success story, Adrian Pole; and the stars of the public show, Germany’s Get the Shoe.

And if all that isn’t enough to keep you on the edge of your seats, there are highlights from: the Britishish Cabaret, the Fire Show, BYJOTY and everything else in between. Over 2 hours of juggling for you to absorb – how’s that for monkey business?

140 minutes

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