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◼️ These fire poi from Juggle Dream are an excellent budget option for those looking to get started with fire. Juggle Dream have used a premium para-amid fibre for the wick which will offer good performance through multiple burns. At 50mm, these poi have a small but respectable flame and are not too daunting for begineer fire spinners. Each head uses 470mm of 50mm wide para-aramid wick and will burn for around three minutes. Supplied on 43cm welded link chain with riveted nylon webbing handles.

◼️ Juggle Dream Fire Spitting Stick. Constructed from 8mm thick, solid aluminium rod and fitted with soft padded foam handles the Juggle Dream fire spitting stick is a simple, elegant fire prop. Please note this stick is designed for spitting, rather than eating, fire. The metal construction makes the stick resistant to the higher temperatures generated from fire spitting and the screw fixing makes for easy wick changes.

Length: 45cm
Wicks: 50mm aramid fibre

Fire breathing is potentially the most dangerous of the fire arts. We do not recommend anyone attempt fire breathing!

◼️ The Juggle Dream fire flowerstick is one of the strongest performance props we sell. The dowel is made from a glass fiber, which is tough, yet flexible enough for knee bounces and kicks. It is wrapped with silicon which provides excellent grip. The flowerstick is slowed with fire resistant silicon flowers which add stability. Each end is covered with a large 25mm para-aramid head which burns for up to 5 minutes. This is a world class Fire Flowerstick at a great price!

Please remember, the silicone flowers are heat resistant but not fire proof. If you follow these guidelines your stick can last 100's of burns (with re-wicking:)
- Do not use white spirit, benzene or alcohol based liquid.
- Do not hold the stick in the vertical position. Keep it spinning or keep it held horizontally!?
- Keep the silicone away from the fire liquid.
- The silicone can become slippery in cold or wet environments.
- You can kick the stick, but don’t forget, it is not your enemy! :)

◼️ A bright and clear instructional poi DVD that will guide you through the fundamentals of poi spinning to more complex tricks and routines. Very friendly and laid back in its approach to teaching, this DVD is never intimidating but will nurture your skills in a steady progression. 50 minutes long. With language choices of English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

◼️ With this nostalgic circus origin snapshot postcard, you can connect with those you love the most and share a bit of history from the UK's oldest circus company.

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