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This 'budget' pack will give everyone in your workshop a little taste of everything without blowing your whole budget. In all our workshop packs, colours may vary from those shown - if you've got any special requests contact us.

12 x Tri-its

2 x Jester Diabolos (with sticks and string)

3 x Juggle Dream Euro Deco clubs

3 x Juggle Dream Spinning Plates (including sticks)

6 x Juggling scarves


Tri-its These pyramid-shaped, pellet filled beanbags are very good for beginners and used extensively in circus workshops. They're called Tri-its because they're great for trying tricks out.

Jester Diabolos come with plastic rubberised cups, smooth lightweight plastic hubs and a metal axle. The lightweight centre overcomes the balance issues that we have seen on some other medium-sized diabolos. Jester diabolos are ideal first diabolos and come complete with wooden sticks and string with this pack.

Euro Classic are light and well balanced medium spin clubs. They feature silver air-cushioned handles and mirrored Euro-style deco. Both knob and end are made from heavy-duty rubber to ensure that these clubs will last a while. This is an entry-level club that will still be appreciated and enjoyed by more experienced jugglers.

Juggle Dream Plates are loved by children of all ages and an excellent introduction to circus skills. This spinning plate from Juggle Dream is by far the strongest one we sell and the easiest one to use for all age groups.

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