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Spinning Plates are loved by children of all ages and are an excellent introdution into circus skills. This spinning plate from Juggle Dream is by far the strongest one we sell and the easiest one to use for all age groups. It is a well balanced plate which is 23cm across and has a generous lip underneath in which to place your stick. It comes in a variety of eye catching colours and is made from flexible plastic which will maintain its shape when dropped, but doesnt make too much noise. This plate comes complete with a two-piece plastic stick.

Medium-sized, multi-colour Diabolo from Juggle Dream and a perfect choice for players just starting their diabolo adventure. The Jester is specially balanced so that most of its weight is concentrated in the rims (the edges of the cups). This allows maximum stability without making it too heavy for younger children. The Jester has several other features which make it ideal for beginners. The bright, multi coloured cups allow players to easily gauge the speed of the diabolo. This lets players see how much time they have left to perform a tick before running out of spin. The 6mm wide axle is the widest of any medium sized fixed axle diabolo on the market. This makes the Jester perfect for stick & finger grinds. Constructed from tough rubber, the Jester's solid construction and flexible, scratch resistant cups will handle drops from even the highest throws. The Jester offers unbeatable performance at this price. A great medium diabolo!

A basic pair of replacement handsticks, comes with a good length of Super Smooth string. These are an ideal first set of sticks. String should be measured from the users chin to the ground.

120g bean bag juggling balls are ideal as a starter set of balls that are a good step up from the standard 'toy shop' ball. Theseballs are filled with seed and have a nice squeeze to them. The traditional 'beach' colours are 4 panels of blue, red, yellow and green. If you're looking for a first set of juggling balls that look professional and juggle great then these are a great place to start.

The best-selling Juggle Dream Scarf poi have now been shrunk down to suit younger spinners. Made with super bright chiffon scarves in a variety of eye catching colours, these poi can be adapted to create a flag effect by holding one corner of the tail at the handle. Just like the larger version, their super soft heads are very forgiving for beginners, making these very pretty poi ideal for festivals and workshops. Supplied in a drawstring cotton bag.

Kid Jo Juggling DVD is a fun DVD for people making their first steps into juggling. With seperate chapters dedicated to various tricks and a section of freestyle performances, this DVDs got enough in it to teach you the basics as well as give a little inspiration. 40 minutes long and comes in 5 different languages.

Kid Diabolo 40 minute instructional DVD is excellent for diabolo enthusiasts of all ages. A selection of reputable pros take you through some basic first steps right up to the more tricky stuff and with their 12 year old accomplice, Elias Bechtel, prove that all of the tricks seen really are possible by children. Great buy for those wanting to further the current diabolo scene in their area. Comes in 5 different languages English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

A bright and clear instructional Kid Poi DVD that will guide you through the fundamentals of poi spinning to more complex tricks and routines. Very friendly and laid back in its approach to teaching, this DVD is never intimidating but will nurture your skills in a steady progression. 50 minutes long. With language choices of English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

1x Spinning plate set with 2 piece stick

1x Scarf Poi

3x 120g JD Thuds

1x JD Fixed Jester Diabolo

1x Wooden Diabolo Handsticks with string

1x Kid Jo Juggling DVD

1x Kid Jo Diabolo DVD

1x Kid Jo Poi DVD

1x Oddballs Postcard

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