CRE8 Gaff Adhesive Craft Tape Roll - Fluorescent - 24mm x 25m
Total price £102.98

Product Description

Cre8 neon tapes are super fluorescent and glow brightly under UV (black) light - as such, they're ideal for performers working in dark conditions or club style environments. Whether you need to stage 'spike' a theatre events space, so performers know their positions - or simply want to add an affordable piece of highly-visual bling to your favourite props, Cre8 tape is an ideal addition to your kit box. Cre8 tape can be easily torn by hand in a straight line and is supplied on a cardboard reel. Each roll is 24mm wide and 25 metres long.

Cre8 tapes also make great arts and crafts supplies. Let your imagination unwind with a few rolls of brightly coloured gaff tape. It's fabric nature means you can easily write on the tape. After you've customised your hula-hoop, try personalising your suitcase, filing cabinet folders or kitchen storage containers! At Oddballs, we can't get enough of Cre8 tape.

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