Duncan Big Fun Yo-Yo
Total price £112.98

Product Description

The all new Duncan Big Fun is one of those yo-yos where the name just says it all. This thing is big and it's a ton of fun to play with, what more do you need?

With a 63mm diameter the Big Fun towers over most other plastics on the market. It's pretty big, as the name states, but it plays more like a normal sized yo-yo than you expect. Duncan kept the weight just under 62g so the large size is kind of offset by it's fast and maneuverable feel in play. That's the fun part - AND it has a fingerspin hub, so even more fun right there!

Whether you like big yo-yos, fun yo-yos, or a combination of the two, the Big Fun has you covered!

Weight: 63.6 grams

Width: 44.25 mm

Diameter: 63.50 mm

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