Duncan Butterfly Psychedelic Yo-yo ( yoyo )


Duncan Butterfly Psychedelic Yo-yo ( yoyo )

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Duncan Butterfly Psychedelic Yo-yo ( yoyo )

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The Original and best-selling string yo-yo of all time, the Butterfly® yo-yo is back and better than ever with the limited edition Butterfly Psychedelic. A favourite for over 60 years, the Butterfly® yo-yo offers a wide shape that makes landing the yo-yo on the string much easier. The yo-yo features a flared shape, steel axle and durable plastic body that can withstand impact, making it a durable and long-lasting option. The classic design makes it perfect for learning the basics of yo-yoing and it's a great toy for kids and adults alike.

The new limited edition Butterfly Psychedelic features the classic cap art from the 1970s, giving it a retro and nostalgic feel. The new Butterfly mold is an instant classic, receiving the stamp of approval from fixed-axle connoisseurs and beginners alike. It continues to stand up as an exceptional fixed axle yo-yo.

The psychedelic design of this yo-yo is sure to elevate your Butterfly play experience to higher realms unseen, and it will harmonize the vibe of your collection. The yo-yo is fixed-axle with cotton string and comes in retro packaging style. It's a must-have for yo-yo enthusiasts, collectors and anyone looking for a fun and unique toy.

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