Duncan Color Shift Junior Puzzle Ball - Bargain basement - RRP  £8.99
Total price £45.95

Product Description

Bargain Basement Items are Practically perfect with cosmetic imperfections. Odd colours, Marks/scratches, scuffs and discontinued stock all sold at a discounted price.

An easier version of Duncan's popular Color Shift™, Jr. Color Shift™ Puzzle Ball features 7 balls instead of the standard 11, suitable for young beginners while still providing a challenge. Just like the Color Shift, it can be solved by matching all the colored balls with their corresponding colored rings. Utilize the one empty cavity to shift balls from one cavity to another until you found the match.

How fast can you solve it?

Compact Round and Smaller

Jr. Color Shift is comfortable and nice to hold.

Reduced Difficulty for Young Beginners

With 4 less balls/holes compared to Color Shift, its still challenging but easier.

Keeps the Mind Active

Do no underestimate the power of an active mind!

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