Duncan Counter Weight 3 pack
Total price £40.95

Product Description

Experience a new dimension of play with the Let Go! Duncan counterweights. This set includes two bouncy balls and one casino die counterweight, all designed to enhance your yo-yoing experience. Each ball and die counterweight weighs between 9-11 grams, providing optimal balance for your "freehand" yo-yos.

With the Let Go! counterweights, you can add a new level of creativity and trickery to your yo-yo routine. The bouncy balls allow for unique, unpredictable bounces and catches, while the casino die counterweight adds a touch of style and sophistication to your performance.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yo-yo pro, the Let Go! Duncan counterweights are the perfect addition to your collection. Take your yo-yoing to the next level and let your creativity soar with this fun and versatile set..

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