Duncan Friction stickers
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Product Description

Upgrade your Duncan Hardcore yo-yos with the reliable Replacement Friction Stickers. Designed for most yo-yos in the Hardcore line, these stickers provide a snappy response and smooth play experience that are essential for advanced string tricks.

Over time, as you play with your yo-yo, the friction stickers will wear out and lose their effectiveness. That's why it's important to have replacement stickers on hand, so you can ensure that your yo-yo is always performing at its best. With easy installation and a long lifespan, the Replacement Friction Stickers are a convenient and cost-effective solution for maintaining your yo-yo.

Whether you're a casual player or a competitive pro, the Replacement Friction Stickers are an essential addition to your yo-yo toolkit. With their reliable performance and consistent response, these stickers provide optimal playability for all your yo-yo needs. Upgrade your yo-yo today and experience the benefits of the Replacement Friction Stickers.

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