Duncan Silicone Groove Sticker 14.5 mm
Total price £99.98

Product Description

Take your yo-yo play to the next level with the SG Stickers from Duncan. These stickers provide an unresponsive response system, perfect for high-performance tricks that require longer spin times and more complex string maneuvers.

With the SG Stickers, a "Bind" is required to return the yo-yo to your hand, giving you more control and allowing you to perform even more challenging tricks. This advanced response system is ideal for experienced players who are looking to take their yo-yo skills to new heights.

The SG Stickers are easy to install and are compatible with most Duncan yo-yos, making them a versatile and convenient choice for serious players. Whether you're competing or just practicing your skills, the SG Stickers provide the reliable performance and consistent response that you need to succeed.

Upgrade your yo-yo game with the advanced response system of the SG Stickers and take on even the most challenging string tricks with confidence..

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