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Are you ready to pick up an ordinary deck of cards and accomplish amazing miracles with little or no practice? Professional Las Vegas magician Will Roya is ready to show you how in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner. You'll learn a handful of Will's most amazing Easy Card Magic with a normal deck, like:

Easily find a spectator's card and revealing it in an array of amazing ways.
Having a spectator's chosen card turn upside down in the deck
Stacking a normal deck and working with it to accomplish mind-blowing magic.
Discover the secrets on simple sleight of hand technique used for many effects.
Specials guest Star Alexander will show you how to easily memorize a shuffled deck.

With over 2 hours of content, you'll also be tipped on the work with popular and commercial card magic gimmicks, the best routines with trick decks, and how to prepare for a show. Also, see a live performance by Will Roya with some of the amazing card magic taught on this DVD.

Running Time Approximately 128min

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