Erik's Angel Wings Flag Poi
Total price £57.95

Product Description

'Flags' are a type of flow prop that feature a triangular piece of fabric, cleverly weighted along the leading edge. When spun correctly, they create a stunning visual display, making them perfect for performances. The 'Angel Wings' flags are made by Erik and are of superb quality. They are made of durable and high-quality materials, making them suitable for regular use. These flags are supplied in a brightly colored drawstring bag, which makes them easy to transport and store. They are ideal for fire spinners, poi spinners, and anyone looking to add an extra visual element to their performances. The 'Angel Wings' flags are perfect for those who want to take their performances to the next level and add an extra layer of visual impact. The flags come in different color and designs, giving you the freedom to choose the one that will suit your performance.

Weight: 175g per set Dimensions: 60x60x80cm Handles: Double finger loops

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