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Bridget - The World's No. 1 Bridge Building Strategy Game

Bridget challenges players to strategically place their pieces to form a bridge across the tile-based board. In a race to cross the board each player is attempting to be the first build a bridge. Players battle by building routes, blocking, and counter-blocking their opponents' routes in an attempt to bridge the gap and win the game. Bridget has endless techniques and strategies. 

Bridget has one playing board made up of 4 tiles, 28 playing pieces that consist of two sets, blonde and black. The playing board and game pieces can be neatly put away using the accompanying cotton bag. 

How to play:

  1. Set up your board by joining the four jigsaw tiles together - beginners should use the side with the square playing area.
  2. Take turns to place one of your coloured pieces on the board.
  3. The winner is the first person to form an uninterrupted bridge from one side of the board to the opposite side.

Once a piece has been played it can't be moved again. However, players are allowed one 'time machine' - where you can undo your opponent's and your own last go. 


If all pieces are played and there is no successful bridge the winner is the player who occupies the largest number of squares around the edge of the board when viewed from above. 

History of Bridget:

Bridget is ET Games version of a traditional Swiss game, known as 'Caminos' designed by Stefan Kogl. After discovering the Swiss game ET games was inspired to bring it to Britain,

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