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"Expect much raucousness and fierce competition" Daisy Bridgewater - The Daily Telegraph

"It's wooden, noisy, and you get to ping things. Brilliant!" - Time Out London

Pucket can best be described as frantic, high-dexterity board game action. The game comprises of two players, a beautifully hand-crafted wooden board and some wooden pucks. The gameplay consists of two players taking one half of the board which is separated in two sides. Each player is then presented with the challenge to move all pucks from their half by pinging all of the pucks into their opponent's side. The first player to do so wins.

By rapidly pinging all the wooden pucks through the slim hole (the 'Gate') in the centre of the board.

A standard game of Pucket takes between two to five minutes to play. However, its fast-paced action and addictive game-play are guaranteed to make it a board game cupboard favourite. The board itself is 54 cm (long) by 43 cm (wide) x and 5 cm (height) and made from Fair Trade sustainable Sheesham wood. The Pucket board has individual player pegs to adjust the elastic tension for added ferocity. Each Pucket board game comes with a cotton bag for the pucks and 16 wooden pucks.

How To Play:

Players race each other to clear the wooden pucks from their side of the board by catapulting them through a small hole leading to the other side. You don't take it in turns, and shouting and jeering at your opponent are allowed.

WARNING: Players will become fiercely competitive.

In-game events:

  1. Flying Sailor: When a puck flies over the gate. The sender must take it back.
  2. Cardinal's Revenge: When a too well-aimed puck bounces off the opposite elastic and comes back through the gate.
  3. The Gate Keeper's Dinner: When a poorly aimed puck becomes lodged in the gate.
  4. Neptune's Kiss: Players fire at the same time, causing the pucks to kiss at the gate and rebound.

History of Pucket:

Pucket is ET Games version of a traditional French game, known as Table a L'elastique. After seeing two jolly old men playing on the street in a southern French town, ET Games went straight to the DIY shop for materials to build one. Over the next couple of years, we had so much fun playing it that they decided to start a games company selling Pucket in Britain.

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Customer Reviews

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Fun game!

Really fun game that takes more skill than you would think.

A wooden board game to keep you and the family entertained.

I had only recently discovered this game known as Pucket, I then did a search and found that Oddballs were the cheapest and the only retailer able to get it to me before Christmas.

Upon inspection the package was a lot larger than expected, but then when removing the board from the cardboard box it come in, it made sense it is the size it is, any smaller and it would only be suitable for child like hands, this however is suitable for all the family to play.

The build quality feels superb, a nice quality wood has been used here to construct the board and the cables to fling the pucks feel of high quality too, there is even included accessories to be able to adjust the tension of the cable so that you can choose to have a tighter or looser feel when pulling back on the cable to fling that Puck through the hole.

My wire and I are waiting until Christmas day to play it properly, but from the little test play we did, I am sure that it's a game that will keep me and my wife well entertained on Christmas Day evening once we have finished eating and can't move from our dining table chairs.


My, (adult ), children love Pucket and I have just bought one as a family Christmas present for some friends as I know it is a great intergenerational game.
The quality is good,(no plastic!), and it is Fair Trade and ethically sourced -what more could a girl want!
The team are friendly and helpful on the phone . I would definitely recommend .

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