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Rollet is a fast-paced game for two to four players. Using rotating ramps, players must line up their ball trajectory to knock the larger, central wooden ball into their opponents' goal. Rollet requires players to calculate angles, defend and strike at any the opportunity to score a goal. Games can take between two to five minutes to play. Rollet is guaranteed to make it a board game cupboard favourite.

How to play:

Players aim and roll steel balls down their chute so as to knock the wooden ball into the opposing team's goal. Rollet demands a good eye, timing, and teamwork. It penalises both fumbling and trigger-happy play. Hilarity guaranteed. 

  • Rollet plays best with four people (two teams of two), although singles games are great fun for more accomplished players. Take up your positions with one team at each end.
  • Clap hands "high five" style with the person either side.
  • Roll steel balls down your chute(s), aiming to knock the wooden ball into your opponents' goal.
  • After one side has scored, replace the wooden ball on the starting dot. Teammates can re-distribute steel balls between them, but no steel balls should be passed to the other side. The next round begins with a high five as before.
  • The winners are the first to score 5 or more with at least a two-point lead (like tennis).
  1. You can only pick up steel balls from behind the goal barriers at your end. You are allowed to pass balls to your partner, or take some of theirs. 
  2. A goal is only counted once the ball hits the "nose" at the back of the goal. 

History of Rollet:

Rollet is one of ET Games own creations. Rollet is the fruit of hours of tinkering and creative procrastination. 

Safety Warning:

Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts - choking hazard. 

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Mary Miller

Love this game!