European Juggling Convention 2006
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EJC 06

Were you there to witness the extravaganza which was the European Juggling Convention 2006? Relive those memories in this double-disc set highlighting the best of the convention and an astonishing array of shows from an inter-continental cast of juggling superstars. Couldn’t make it to the convention? Never fear, Millstreet is here revealed in all its technicolor glory…

These DVDs are over-flowing with juggling legends: Kris Kremo’s notorious hat and cigar routine; Sergei Ignatov’s classic Russian technique; Stefan Sing’s contemporary ball-juggling; legendary Irish ring-master, Jeremy James; modern master of club juggling, Toby Walker; Lorenzo Mastropietro’s mad-hat clowning antics; the many faces of Jay Gilligan; and the ubiquitous Freehand Juggling. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Special features include highlights from The Juggle Jam, Eurovision, Celebrity Fight Night, The Emerald Circus, and countless tricks from nearly everyone@millstreet.

runtime 251 minutes
regions are rubbish

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