Falcon 5 Foot Nylon Bullwhip
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Product Description

Falcon Bullwhips offer outstanding value for money. They perform well above their price and provide a great starting point for those looking to learn whip cracking on an entry-level budget. 

Falcon Nylon whips are less expensive and require less care and maintenance than leather whips. They  can be also used in the wet - which would be harmful to leather whips (very handy in the UK).

All classic, Western-style, bullwhips consist of four parts: a handle, a body or thong (and belly), a fall, and a cracker. 

The handle is 8 inches long, with a textured plait grip and weighted for a nice responsive balance. The main body of the whip is called the Thong. The number of plaits in the thong will affect its flexibility and performance. All Nylon Falcon whip thongs are made from 12 plaits of nylon Paracord. The number of braids or plaits is an important factor in the construction of the whip, but an equally important and often overlooked part of the whip is the belly. The belly is the central core of the whip hidden within the plaited outer. The belly on all Nylon Falcon whip is constructed using an all-nylon strip core and nylon double bolster. The fall is a thinner single piece of nylon cord between the thong and the cracker. Tied to the end of the fall, is an even thinner piece of nylon string called the cracker. The cracker is the part of the whip which actually breaks the sound barrier and produces the sonic boom. These will need replacing periodically.

When choosing your whip you should consider the amount of space you will need and the amount of strength required to crack it. Although the 8-foot version can generate awesome cracks, we recommend the 4 and 6-foot versions for beginners & smaller users as they are significantly easier to handle than the 8's.

Falcon Nylon Bullwhips are available in Black, Red and Red & Black. Please choose your colour below.

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