Feel Flux - Skill Set - Grey/Red
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Product Description

Feel Flux is a totally unique skill toy manufactured to very high standards. This physics-based gadget consists of an ultra-strong magnet ball and a conductive metal tube covered infine leather. When you drop the ball in the cylinder, instead of falling through it starts to move very slowly, almost floating inside the metal tube without touching its surface.It is the perfect toy for someone who admires the timeless design, fine craftsmanship and of course, the magic of science. This Skill Flux is made of aluminum and consists of 2 cylinders allowing the user(s) to do cool throwing and catching tricks.

Safety Warning: Contains extremely strong (N52) magnet. Feel Flux is not for children. Keep the magnet ball away from medical appliances, electronic devices, computers, mobile phones and tablets, hard drives and storage devices, bank cards and watches. Avoid high impact with other magnets or objects made of ferromagnetic materials. Avoid dropping the magnet onto hard surfaces. Do not consume. Keep away from fire.

Box Contains: 2 x aluminium tube with leather cover, 1 x neodymium magnet ball, 1 x pouch, 1 x instructions

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