FIrelovers 90cm Light Carbon Training Staff
Total price £87.99

Product Description

Our modern and sleek staffs are crafted from the highest quality Atox CZ Carbon, making them the perfect choice for juggling and manipulation. The smooth finish and perfect balance provide a satisfying feel in the hand, allowing for effortless control and precision during tricks. Whether you're a professional juggler or just starting to explore the world of manipulation, these staffs are sure to impress. The Atox CZ Carbon material ensures a perfect balance between strength and weight, making it easy to handle and spin. These staffs are ideal for any performer looking for a reliable and high-quality prop that will last for years to come.

You can throw the staff two times higher than usual with less energy.

The Light Carbon Training Staff by FIrelovers features X-Grip + inner EVA soft foam and silicone knob ends.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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