Firelovers Fire Rope Dart
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Product Description

Rope dart poi by Firelovers with 9,5 cm Kevlar® Monkey Fist head. Rope dart (also known as Jōhyō in Japanese) has roots in Chinese martial arts. It's easy to learn the basics of twining, shooting and spinning. These techniques can be applied to dance, martial arts or movement exploration. Rope dart is a long dragon rope with the poi head locked on the chain at the end. You can open the buckle and replace the monkey fist also with your own training ball.


Length: 3 m

Burner: 9,5 cm Monkey Fist

Rope: Dragon Rope

Rope diameter: 6 mm

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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