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The 700ml DeKuyper Flairco bottle is a popular choice among bartenders and juggling enthusiasts alike. With a similar shape to the classic Bols bottle, but with a longer neck, this bottle is perfect for those who want to take their juggling skills to the next level.

The longer handle of the Flairco bottle makes it ideal for continuous finger twirling, allowing you to perform complex flourishes and tricks with ease. It's also great for wide and slow juggling patterns, giving you plenty of time to control your throws and catches.

Like the Bols bottle, the Flairco bottle is centrally balanced, which makes it easy to control and catch. This is essential for juggling, as it allows you to focus on your technique and form, rather than worrying about the stability of the prop.

Overall, the 700ml DeKuyper Flairco bottle is a versatile and high-quality juggling prop that is perfect for bartenders, jugglers, and anyone looking to improve their finger twirling and flourishes. With its long neck, comfortable grip, and excellent balance, it's easy to see why this bottle is such a popular choice among juggling enthusiasts.

Made out of the same sleek and durable plastic as all flair bottles.

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