Spill Stop Pour Spouts - Bag of 12
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Product Description

Introducing the perfect accessory for any bartender or mixologist - the Professional Quality Metal Spill-Stop Pour Spouts. This bag of 12 pour spouts is made in the USA by Flairco, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality bar tools and accessories.

Crafted from premium materials, these pour spouts are designed to deliver superior performance and durability. They work seamlessly with all Flairco bottles, as well as actual glass bottles, making them a versatile addition to any bartender's toolkit.

It's important to note that these pour spouts are designed for professional use and may not be suitable for novice bartenders or those just starting out. The metal construction and Spill-Stop feature make them more dangerous for flair practice. We recommend learning with a cheaper, plastic spout before moving on to these metal spouts for showtime or, if you're so inclined, for pouring drinks.

With their Spill-Stop feature, these pour spouts prevent over-pouring, ensuring that your drinks are always perfectly measured and consistent. This feature is particularly useful in busy environments such as bars or restaurants, where speed and accuracy are essential for delivering great customer service.

In conclusion, if you're a professional bartender or mixologist looking for high-quality pour spouts, look no further than the Professional Quality Metal Spill-Stop Pour Spouts by Flairco. With their durable construction and Spill-Stop feature, they're the perfect tool for delivering accurate and consistent pours every time. So why not add a bag of 12 to your toolkit today and take your bartending skills to the next level?

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