Flowtoys Bridge for the Flowtoys App - USB Bridge for home use

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Customize your vision and capsule 2 props, share playlists and create shows with your mobile device. All you need is a hardware "bridge" + your mobile device + your flowtoys connect props.

This "usb bridge" is designed to be plugged in like a wifi hub in your home, so your props can always connect to your app. For a bridge on the go, check out the "pocket bridge".

The app is free, but you'll need a "bridge" to connect to "flowtoys connect" props. The bridge is required to convert bluetooth into "flowtoys connect" radio signals. You only need 1 bridge to connect to an almost infinite number of props.

Sold individually.

IMPORTANT: Currently in beta, the flowtoys connect app is a project of passion, built by flow artists and jugglers to serve our community and art form. Your prop firmware must be up-to-date for the app to work correctly. The app will be in beta for some time as we fix bugs, refine and add features.

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