FlowToys Capsule 2.0 (V2) LED Light Unit

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This is the second generation of Capsule Lught units from FlowToys and has one significant improvement when compared to the original V1 generation - the connect ™ technology Flowtoys Capsule 2.0 lights still have their intuitive kinetic awareness - this means that each unit understands when it is moving and - importantly - when they're stalling. This is due to the sensitive, high-tech accelerators concealed within the casing. This makes stalling tricks really stand out in the middle of any spinning session.The Capsules have a huge range of built in modes that range from rainbow fade, to imitating some of your favourite flowlights of the past, to whole new fantastic strobing patterns that photos really can't do justice. They also have fantastic battery life. Flowtoys Connect™ Technology Using the built in menu system in the new capsules, you can put all your other Flowtoys props that use Capsule 2.0 units in to synchronised groups. This revolutionary feature lets you coordinate fantastic performance pieces with your friends as well as for your own solo-multi-prop routines. Importantly, this means that you can sync not just your podpoi, but any props you have in the capsule 2 family! USB Charging As well as charging through USB, the new capsule is also USB accessible for firmware updates, meaning that your capsule will be able to be updated to include any new patterns and features that flowtoys develop and release in the future.

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All flowtoys-manufactured products are covered under Flowtoys forever flow™ lifetime warranty and/or replacement and upgrade policy.
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