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Flow caps are Flowtoys custom designed click-in end caps used in the ends of all Flowtoys where a leash attachment is not required (staff and poi ends etc). The Flow Cap will the Capsule V1 and Capsule V2 light unit. If you wish to use the Flowlight FS Full Spectrum Flighlight, you will need to purchase an additional FlowLight adapter. Flow caps replace the old flower caps in the advent of the Flowtoys capsule light (as first seen in PodPoi). The flow caps are more streamlined than the flower caps were and are compatible with both capsules and flowlights. The flow caps can house a removable flowlight adaptor (not included) that must be removed before using these caps with capsule lights. The soft button in the caps allows you to access the vast number of modes available with the capsule lights. Made from a silicone outer shell, the flow caps keep dirt and moisture out of your rig and protects both the prop and your head from impacts.The inner polycarbonate "snap cap" connects directly to a capsule or flowlight (using the adaptor) and clicks securely into and out of flowtoys tubes with a firm twist. Sold individually and manufactured in the USA. Capsule compatibility: If your capsule came in a pod, you will need to remove the C-ring to insert it into the flowcap. Check capsule o-ring: If your o-ring is missing/torn, you will need a new o-ring. Flowlight compatibility: If you are using flowlights, please choose flowlight adaptor.

Warranty & Upgrades
All flowtoys-manufactured products are covered under Flowtoys forever flow™ lifetime warranty and/or replacement and upgrade policy.
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