Flowtoys Vision LED Juggling Club

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Product Description


body, handle and knob made by Henrys in Germany to flowtoys' specs

using the pirouette - the world's most popular juggling club - as the model for its shape and balance, the vision club feels amazing and is only 15g heavier than a typical pirouette

the handle is slightly more flexible and forgiving than wood, but far stiffer than other plastic shafts; it feels completely solid and durable cap options with an easy button and USB access

water-resistant (not submersible)

0.5-12+ hr runtime

96 high-brightness LEDs

80 customizable modes

autoplay, auto sleep/wake power save feature, multiple accelerometer response types, brightness control & more save up to 60 modes in favorites

2 additional show pages of up to 60 modes each accelerometer response with kinetic awareness 2.0

battery life indicator

USB rechargeable & firmware updatable

wireless connectivity and control

flowtoysconnect™ technology means your vision props can connect to many other flowtoys props, including staffs, chucks, poi and more

super durable and backed with our industry-leading lifetime warranty

Tech Specs

Weight: 243g w/ TPU cap

Dimensions: 515mm L x 82mm W

Materials: polycarbonate internal shaft, special Polyethylene blend club body, EVA rubber foam knob: EVA rubber foam,

Club Body Style

Made by Henrys in Germany to flowtoys' specs, these club bodies were designed for our vision clubs using the world's most popular club - the pirouette - as the model for their shape and balance! Stock up on spares to swap out your club bodies to try new techniques, or simply to have backups. These are custom-made for flowtoys vision clubs, and will not work if you're trying to make day clubs from these parts.

Available in pirouette-style smooth or grip

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