FNG Art-Deco Flower Stick & Matching Wooden Handsticks Set
Total price £132.98

Product Description

These Flowersticks true to the name are art deco. Interesting and beautiful artistic designs. Covered in pure silicon. These are easy to control and perfect for passing underneath your leg or behind your back. Also ideal for body rolls where the stick rolls over your leg, foot, etc. The center core is made of virtually unbreakable fiberglass. Ideal for very high throws and catches, body bounces and more rugged play. It has weighted tassels at both ends to increase the balance and facilitate tricks. Sold with matching fiberglass art deco silicon-coated handsticks. Perfect for beginners as well as seasoned professionals. Available in 3 unique designs.

Dimensions: only sep. flowerstick 193 g; with sticks 350 g; packaging weight 372 g; Lenght 65 cm; only tassels 12cm; handsticks 40.5 cm

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