FNG FLASH Flower Stick and Handsticks Set - Ultra-Grip Silicone Coated - Supreme Quality
Total price £60.95

Product Description

Flames N Games Silicon Coated FLASH Flowerstick - A Professional Flower Stick Set. Made with UV fluorescent Decoration. Unbreakable solid fibreglass centre. Sold with wooden handsticks covered with ultra-grippy 2mm silicone. Quality thick suede tassels. Ideal for Beginners and Professionals.

These flower sticks are made from a strong fibreglass body that has a small flex making it ideal for throwing and kicking.

The spiral design of bright colour fluorescent tape on the centre stick has been covered with ultra sticky silicone for advanced play as well as looking cool.

Length: 65.5cm (incl tassels); Weight Aprox: 187 g

Handstick stats: Length: 40.5cm; Weight: 61g each; Diameter: 14mm

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