Fyrefli Cougar Fire Staff - 1.4 m (2 x 65 mm)
Total price £112.99

Product Description

These heavyweight staffs are a fantastic option for fire staff spinners who like to travel.

This 1.4 metre version has super sticky, heat-resistant silicone covering the centre section. This coupled with the weight, makes it ideal for contact tricks. This specific size uses 2 x 65mm reservoir wicks - Made from quality Para-Aramid webbing, this facilitates larger flames and longer burning times, releasing more fuel as the staff is spun.

Each staff unscrews into three sections and comes with it`s own Fyrefli carrying bag. Made in the UK by Fyrefli. The wick can also be changed if neccersary though it should be good for a few hundred burns.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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