Glitter Fix Gel, Clear, 12ml, Loose Glitter Fix Gel 12ml.
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Want to ensure your sparkling glitter festival designs last all through the day and into the night? Of course you do and with our bestselling Glitter Fix Gel you can now achieve not only maximum impact but a long-lasting finish. The perfect partner for our loose glitters this little gem will give you the flexibility and power to achieve intricacy and detail without the worry that your designs and effort will simply rub away.

Glitter Fix Gel- The Only Limit Is Your Imagination
If you don’t fancy the brave and bold designs that can be created with uv face paints, but in desperate need of a festival and party sass fix, then festival glitter is the perfect go between! Ideal for creating subtle yet sassy feminine designs on the go, we’re certain that the skin friendly formula of PaintGlow’s Glitter fixing gel, is about to become your brand new festival bestie.

Glitter Fixing Gel- But How Do I Use It?
The answer is quite simple. PaintGlow’s Glitter Fixation Glue features an easy to use and dispense nozzle, which allows you to glide the glitter adhesive in a smooth and controlled fashion. However intricate your creation, once you have applied your quick-drying glitter glue, grab your desired glitter shaker and shake the product over the adhesive.

12ml easy to dispense and apply product
No-mess nozzle
Remove with soap and water
100% Cruelty Free
Party over? Not to worry, all you need is a little soap and water and your Glitter Fixation Glue creation will wipe away at the blink of an eye. Perfect for festivals, when you could do without the hassle of shower queues and wrestling with friends over mirror space.

A Glitter Fixation Glue Like No Other...
Lacking a little imagination, but in serious need of a make-up shake up?! No to worry gurrl, PaintGlow have you covered. Just head over to the PaintGlow Instagram page which is overflowing with sassy designs and festival inspo that’s right up your street. While you’re at it here’s a couple of our favourite Insta hashtags, to get your creative juices flowing:

#glittermakeup | #glittereyes | #Glitterlips | #Glitterart

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