Gora Fire Hat
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Product Description

We proudly present the one and only fire juggling hat in the world!

Whether you need an extreme costume as part of a fire show or clown act, or are looking for the best finale ever for your hat juggling act, the Fire Juggling Hat is an excellent choice. The crowd will go crazy because a hat on fire on your head looks more dangerous than it is with proper use. Our Fire Hat is suitable for almost all hat juggling tricks, including spinning, rolling and throwing.

Technical details: The base of the fire juggling had is a classic 3-layer felt cylinder. The top layer of the felt hat is soaked with a fire retardant chemical. This does not fully protect the hat, therefore it is essential to apply water before use. The top of the hat is covered with an aluminized kevlar felt layer, which is also used as metallurgical protection equipment or by volcanologists. This cover layer and the 10 mm Kevlar rope is sewn on by hand with a kevlar thread.

How to use:

First you need to apply 2 x 10 ml lamp oil very carefully, using the syringe included in the package. It is of uttermost importance that the lampoil gets on the Kevlar only (not on the felt!).

We recommend that you use lampoil specifically, as it has a low burn temperature and longer burning time. This ensures the lifetime of your hat. Lampoil also has the advantage that you can apply it even an hour before the show, as the oil does not evaporate.

We include a spray head in the package, which can be used with any standard soft drink PET-bottle. 5-10 minutes before the show, apply water on the felt of the top part of the hat – the same parts which are soaked with the fire retardant chemical. You should not spray the Kevlar rope, as it may result in difficulty lighting up. Finally, 1 minute before going on stage you need to apply Zippo or lighter fluid on the kevlar, which helps to ignite the lamp oil quickly. If you apply too little or too early, you may have problems lighting up. We hope we don’t need to say that the lighter fluid should not go on the felt, or any other parts of the hat.

The burn time is about 2-2.5 minutes. With proper usage, the Fire Hat is designed to last for more than 100 burns. It benefits the lifetime if the hat is in motion during your act, as the heat will be lower in this case.

It weighs about 490g.

Tips for proper usage:

Prepare carefully: Use a headlamp in the backstage area and take your time.

If the top of the hat gets a dent, push it back down to keep the felt as far as possible from the fire.

If the hat falls down, pick it up immediately!

Don’t hold your head downwards, when the hat is on your head and on fire.

Use background light, if possible from underneath. It helps you with throwing tricks to your head – without proper light, the fire might blind you and you can’t properly see the exact position of the hat.

Never keep the hat down when it is on fire.

Use background light from underneath, it helps with throwing it to head.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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