Gora Fire Whip - 1.5m
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Product Description

We're very proud to offer the 1.5m or 3m Fire Whip made by Gora, Hungary. The Whip itself is made from 5 different braided para-aramid ropes and a serious cracker (replaceable). The handle has been carefully crafted from aluminium and covered in heatproof silicone for added safety. In addition, the whip handle is mounted with a heat shield. At the core of the whip is a fibreglass rod which becomes thinner along the shaft to help give that special flexibility. There is no need to fill up the root of the whip - this model generates plenty of flame and excessive fuel by the handle is potentially dangerous to the user and the whip itself. It's also important not to put the whip down (unless absolutely neccersary) whilst it is on fire.

Whips are performance props - not toys - and should never be used in an environment where people could be hurt. A whip on fire is even more dangerous! This whip is only available to responsible adults and should only be used after adequate safety training and in an appropriate environment under supervision.

-Dont practice with the Fire Whip. The dry cracking make the kevlar tired and will reduce the lifetime.


-You don't need to fill up the root of the whip, there will be a huge fire anyway, it would just make your hand hurt and would damage the heat shield. Also looks silly when you still have a little burning part at the root while the rest of whip is burned off.


- Dont dip the fall, it will reduce the lifetime but give no bigger effect.


-Don't put down the whip while it is burning. If you put it on a concrete or stone or metal surface the flames will heat up the surface and damage the kevlar.


-Never use benzine or white gas, it is too dangerous and will kill your whip.


-Always check the condition of the whip very cerefully before light up. If there is a serious damage on the whip it can fly off from a crackling and injure the audiance.


Warning: Fire whips are fragile tools with a limited lifespan. They are not suitable for practice and should only be used for performances. Even if used very carefully, the whip's lifespan will not exceed 50 burns. Due to the sensitive nature of this product, it is not covered by a warranty.

Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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