Gora 'Spike' Fire Staff - 1.5m / 100mm ( including 6pc Fire Head Spike )
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Product Description

This is the most budget- and travel friendly 2-in-1 combination of a contact staff and a dragonstaff. Basically it is a Fire Contact Staff with 3-3 rivet nuts on both sides. These nuts allow for the attachment of 3-3 fireheads, which converts your contact staff into an 8-headed (3+1)+(3+1) dragon.

The spikes are the same as the standard Gora Fire Hoop heads. The Spiked Contact Staff, used as a dragonstaff weighs 1150 g which is medium weight: It is lighter than a 10-headed dragon (= contact staff + adapter + heads) but heavier than a 8-headed (4+4) dragon.

A good contact staff must have a good momentum, which is only possible if the ends are heavy, while the middle part is light. The body of the staff is made from a "Space Tech" aluminum alloy 7075, which has the same tensile strength as steel, but is light and flexible like aluminum, so it never breaks or bends. In case of choosing a collapsible version of the spiked contact staff you can choose a carbon fiber tube middle part (22X1.5mm) to increase momentum.

The handling surface is covered with our 3.2 mm thick SuperGrip©. It has a soft spongy underlayer and a sticky, dotted overlayer which does not get slippery when wet. Over the years we have tested many versions and this by far provides the best hold even when your body sweats, and is also suitable for contact staff players with sensitive skin or allergies. The weight middle-point is clearly marked.

The flowers slow down the rolling movement of the staff a bit. Furthermore, the rubber gives additional weight for the spin. You can remove and reattach them as you like.

The staff has silicone protectors near the fireheads. In general, if you make a mistake with moving the contact staff, the heated metal can cause serious fire burns but this will not happen as the silicone parts are there to protect you. The black colour silicone has the highest heat resistance!

The Classic fireheads on our contact staff are made from 10 cm wide kevlar wick and you can choose between 3 sizes. You can also opt for special fireheads which are knotted from kevlar rope in 3 designs: Isis fireheads made from 6 ropes, Wicker fireheads made from 4 thicker ropes or Monkey Fist fireheads which results in a ball shape. All three knotted designs give a beautiful and large flame, however they are more costly to make and more difficult to replace. If for your performance it is important that no excess fuel drops on the ground, we recommend choosing one of these knotted fireheads. On the other hand, for burnoff tricks the Classic fireheads are more suitable.

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase.

It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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I used this staff la...

I used this staff last week for a performance. It is brilliant fun and looks fantastic. It feels really nice and the staff is a good thickness. Its a bit on the light side but i like that, although it does mean when spinning it can go off balance a little easier. Easy to transport and the grip is nice and sticky. Only downside is the wire holdig the 3 wicks gets very hot after a few burns so be careful as i got some nasty burns when it slipped. A definate 4 star piece of equipment :)

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