Green Modern Bols Bottle
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Product Description

The teardrop-shaped Bols bottle is a classic and iconic juggling prop that has been used by jugglers of all levels for decades. With its unique shape and design, the Bols bottle is perfect for multi-spin juggling, allowing you to easily and smoothly juggle through three, four, or even five spins.

One of the key features of the Bols bottle is its centrally-balanced body, which helps to ensure that it stays stable and predictable throughout your juggling routine. This makes it easier to catch and control, even when juggling at high speeds or performing complex tricks.

The bottle's neck is also designed to orbit around the outside of the spin, making it easy to catch and giving you plenty of time to prepare for your next throw. This makes it an ideal prop for both beginners and experienced jugglers alike, and ensures that you can achieve great results no matter what your skill level.

Overall, the Bols bottle is a joy to juggle and is sure to become a favorite prop in your juggling arsenal. With its classic design, high-quality construction, and excellent performance characteristics, it's easy to see why the Bols bottle has remained a staple of the juggling community for so many years.

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