HAND BALANCE BOARD - Handstand - Rectangular version
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Product Description

This new integrated board design in a simplified version for a very affordable price uses the hand blocks to lock in the canes to the baseboard for transport. The baseboard is made from 25mm thick plywood that is precision cut by CNC. The baseboard is 55 cm x 85 cm and provides a wide stable platform to balance on. The total weight of the unit, which includes a carrying bag is 6 KG (13.2 pounds). The hand blocks are made of solid beach wood and provide a solid gripping surface for your hands. The solid beech blocks measure 13 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm in thickness in the Rectangular version and 120 mm in diameter x 30 mm in thickness in the Round version. The board with its rubber non-slip feet and the stainless steel canes in the sockets has a total height of 58 cm from the floor surface to the top of the block. This is an optimal height for most acrobats. This board uses the same canes, hand blocks and cane socket size as the Gerris Hand Balance Platform, so the canes can be interchanged between both products.

Hand Balancing is a very ancient art form. A female acrobat is depicted on a Greek hydra dated 340-330 BC. Minoan (Crete) acrobats on the backs of bulls have been dated at 2000 BC. Acrobatics including handstands, was also part of Chinese culture in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD220) The first use of hand balance canes is unknown, but surely it is a very old technique.

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