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The Henry's Albatross is an ultra-wide bodied juggling club. Making it great for the stage. This club has an easy slow-spin, is well-equipped for very fast spins but not so good in the medium-spin range.
Has a great reputation in many passing groups.
Weight: 236 grams. Length: 520mm.
Price shown is for one club only.

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A great club of the ...

A great club of the highest quality. I've had them for 5 years and they're still as good as every (except for a few scratches). The only con is that if they are frequently dropped the decorative silver tape can start coming off. I fixed mine with see through tape.

I thought these club...

I thought these clubs were great. They look good, the handle is well padded, so it doesn't hurt your palm and they're a nice weight that makes for a good spin. However, if dropped, the taping will rip which makes them not the best clubs for practicing new tricks. It's better to buy a cheaper set for pratice and save these for doing a performance.

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