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Henrys Aluminium Handsticks

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All Henrys Aluminium Handsticks one on top of the other

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These aluminium bodied handsticks are great for those who work their diabolos hard! Henrys aluminium sticks are slightly heavier than a lot of other metal handsticks on the market. Whilst this makes suicide and genocide tricks a little tougher, they're good for grinding tricks.They also feature a padded handgrip for added comfort. Henrys Aluminium handsticks now come with vibrant coloured handles.Please choose colour below.

Each pair comes with 1.6m of quality Henrys string, secured in a recess at the tip of the stick..

Length 32.5cm.

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These are the best s...

These are the best sticks for suicides, genocides, cradles, grinds and any other tricks you can care to mention. There are a couple of drawbacks, the tips of them can get rough and cut the string and very occaisonlly the knot slides throuh the hole. But these , in my opinion are the best sticks you can get.

Agreed, my fave's to...

Agreed, my fave's too. The grip is far better quality than the others, it doesnt wear away and crack like the xtremes. VERY durable and the spin on grinds is the fastest you'll get, as well as making a beatiful sound. I disagree on the suicide front aswell, these work perfectly fine although if you catch it wrong it does hurt some-what, especialy on a cold day in the park ;). Personally, I dont think they cant be beaten. Long lasting, fast grinds, ok for suicides, very comfortable. Thed Only diadvantage is with them being so ridged, you dont get the flex and so cant get the diabolo as fast as with some others but unless you plan on carrying out longer-than-average cradles its perfectly fine.

nice upgrade from th...

nice upgrade from the basic wooden ones which i was previously using. the foam on the ends is durable and comfortable to hold and looks perfect even though i use these sticks all the time. these work especially well for grinds too. overall awesome and I'm very pleased with them.

These are my favorit...

These are my favorite handsticks. I\'ve tried the babache xtreme and energy but I like these better because the metal is thinner and it feels like you have more control.The sponge on the handles is comfortable to use. Also it is very easy to change the string. I use Henry\'s yellow string.

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