Henry's Devil Stick Wooden Control Sticks - Pair
Total price £105.98

Product Description

Looking for a set of handsticks that are both strong and versatile? Look no further than these Henry's standard control sticks, which are constructed from sturdy 10mm beech wood and covered with a layer of high-quality fluorescent silicone.!

With their durable construction and precise control, these handsticks are ideal for users of all abilities, from beginners to seasoned pros. And with their fluorescent silicone coating, they're sure to stand out and add a touch of style to any juggling routine.!

But despite their flashy appearance, these handsticks are also highly functional, with a comfortable grip and precise control that makes them perfect for even the most complex juggling routines. And with their high-quality construction, they're built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy hours of juggling without worrying about wear and tear.!

So why settle for inferior handsticks when you can have the best? Add these high-quality Henry's standard control sticks to your collection today and take your juggling skills to the next level!

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