Henry's Free Hub Tuning Kit - Circus/Vision/Beach

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The free hub from Henrys can transform their Circus, Vision or Beach diabolos into a one-way bearing diabolo. The free wheel axle consists of 2 contact-free sealed ball bearing and a free wheel tube which are surrounded from the 2 axle-ends and a wide roller. It is very smooth while in use and almost completely silent. The wide roller and all other accessible parts are made from stainless steel and the new, wide shaped hubs are different colours so you know which way round to play.

The set consists of 1 free wheel axle with mounted black hub, 1 white hub, 2 50mm aluminium discs, 2 20mm brass discs and 2 aluminium cap nuts. The Free Hub fits either Circus, Vision or Beach diabolos. This set is perfect for retro-fitting to your existing diabolo or you can now buy Circus, Vision or Beach Diabolos with the Free Hub included.

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