Henrys HiX-Ball ( polenta ) 67mm Juggling Ball

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Henrys HiX-Ball ( polenta ) 67mm Juggling Ball

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The HiX ball from Henry's Germany is the first PVC-Free Juggling ball of its kind. Developed through extensive research by Henry's team to achieve just the right material (a specific TPU formula) and design, the HiX ball represents the future of performance orientated juggling props. This is a small hybrid stage ball, designed for fast, accurate, responsive juggling. This ball operates as an advanced, technical numbers ball as well as being ideal for body rolls, isolation-style tricks and stalls - a superb, versatile ball designed for modern jugglers. HiX balls of a fine, powder polenta filling and have minimal weight discrepancies from ball to ball - average ball weight is 125g each. Price is for ONE ball only.

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