Henry's Viper Flux Yoyo

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Henry's Viper Flux Yoyo
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The Henrys Flux yo-yo is very similiar to the advanced Neo model but with the added advantage of integrated hubstacks. These consist of small black grips at either end of the axle, protruding from the anodized hubs, that allow the user to hold the yo-yo whilst it is still spinning. This obviously opens up the trick possibilities enormously. The hubstacks run right through the yo-yo's centre which can make maintenance a little tricky, but this is still a fantastic yo-yo that offers innovative trick potential. This yo-yo is unresponsive and thus requires bind techniques to return it to the users hand. It has silicone 'gecko' pads embedded in the anodized hubs which give it a lot of snap.

Available in Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red and Green. Supplied with basic trick and tips book printed in English.

All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

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