Henry's Volley Juggling Club
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Product Description

This club was specifically designed by Henrys for games of Volley club and was intended to be the single club in play - thrown from side to side. Decorated in bright UV green or orange to stand out from regular clubs, it is shaped like a traditional Henrys Pirouette club. Fitted with a swinging knob to make it super-versatile for juggling and swinging, the volley club has become a very popular club in it's own right. As with all standard pirouettes, it is super hard wearing and capable of taking all kinds of punishment. The volley club has all the usual signs of quality associated with Henrys - the wrapped handle makes for a comfortable catches and the knobs and ends can be easily replaced.
Weight: 225 grams
Body Length: 27cm, Handle Length: 24.5 cm, Overall Length: 51.5cm

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