Henrys Yo-Yo MaxGap +B4 Bearing

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Take your yo-yo performance to the next level with the precision ball bearing kit designed for maximum string gap enlargement on the Viper Neo XL. This kit includes everything you need to optimize the performance of your yo-yo

The kit consists of a high-quality ball bearing, four washers, and a wrench, making installation a breeze. The precision design of the ball bearing ensures optimal spin times and reliable performance, while the washers and wrench allow you to easily adjust the string gap to your preferences.

With the precision ball bearing kit, you can enjoy maximum string gap enlargement on your Viper Neo XL, allowing for more complex string tricks and longer spin times. Whether you're an experienced yo-yo player or just starting out, this kit is an essential tool for taking your yo-yo skills to the next level.

Upgrade your yo-yo experience with the precision ball bearing kit and enjoy the smooth and responsive performance that you deserve.

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